What's the function of the cupboard kicking line?

Update:27 Feb 2018

Cupboard kickboard is the bottom of the cabinet and the […]

Cupboard kickboard is the bottom of the cabinet and the floor between the cabinet and the ground, the general cupboard kicking board has aluminum alloy PVC wood particleboard, etc.
The commonly used kickboard has three kinds of wood kicking board, sanding metal kicking board and PVC kicking board.
Wooden kicking boards are usually used with solid wood or plastic door panels. But because of the close distance between the kickboard and the ground, the wood material is easy to absorb water and tide, and the water vapor will rise along the kicking board to endanger the whole body. This is why some kitchen cabinets will be "fat" at the bottom of the cabinet for a period of time.
The imported abrasive metal kicking board with waterproof rubber is not only waterproof, moistureproof, unmouldy, not rusty, but also beautiful and durable, and will not be damaged for life. Most of the cabinets are now using the aluminum plastic kicking board, one layer and two layers. The height is 115MM.
PVC kicking board is also more commonly used, but relatively crisp, with a long time will be aging, brittle.