What is the function of PVC flooring?

Update:20 Jul 2018

  Solid wood is a natural material that is produce […]


Solid wood is a natural material that is produced when trees are harvested from forests. PVC is an artificial material made of petroleum. Pvc wood flooring refers to PVC that has been printed with the colors and markings found in natural hardwood. Recent advances in printing technology now enable PVC flooring products to accurately simulate the appearance of various woods.

PVC wood flooring: The surface of PVC wood flooring has a printed layer. Therefore, the printed layer can achieve the appearance of almost any kind of wood. Although market demand will determine prices to some extent, the price gap between ordinary and rare exotic wood species is not large.

PVC skirting board also allows you to install floor mats under the floor. This gives your solid wood look and beautiful, comfortable soft and comfortable floor, while it also helps to isolate the room and make it more energy efficient.

Solid wood flooring: All wood is different, and there are many factors that determine what your floor looks like. This includes the type of wood you choose, grade, cut and any color or finish. The price difference between different types of wood can be quite large.