What are the dado board material ?

Update:29 Jan 2018

1, Cement dado. The skirt protruded the wall. 2, Terraz […]

1, Cement dado. The skirt protruded the wall.
2, Terrazzo dado. The skirt protrudes the wall and can select the different type of flower.
3, Paint dado. Painless paint or latex paint is painted, and the tone can be modulated at will.
4, Tile dado. Paving 5 millimeter thick tiles, the colour and lustre can be chosen by itself.
5, Wood plywood dado. With three splints and five splints as the cover surface, the surface of the ordinary board can be painted with paint. The decorative panel has beautiful wood grain and has good decorative effect.
6, Stone dado. Made of marble, granite and artificial marble of all kinds of colors, patterns and textures, made of artificial granite, it is strong and cool and washable.
7, Magnesium decorative panel dado. The surface is smooth and clean, with metal gloss and decorative patterns, gorgeous and noble, no deformation, heat resistance, washable.
8, Plastic decorative panel dado. Good fire resistance, rich patterns, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, corrosion resistant, two types of light - face and sub - light.
9, Plywood, splendid wall skirt. The surface of the plate is bright, straight, color, and rich in pattern. It is easy to clean and resist hot and hot.
10, Imitation leather trim panel dado. The surface of flat matte, color variety, artificial leather feeling, moisture resistance, surface aging deformation, corrosion resistance, can scrub.
11, Molded decorative panel dado. The color is soft, the atmosphere is elegant, the texture is strong, the color is not deformed and the color is not decolorizing, and it is durable.
12, Plaster wall skirt. Strong decorative, with fire protection, sound insulation, heat insulation, light quality, simple construction features.