PVC floor (dry bottom floor) pre-installation requirements:

Update:20 Aug 2018

  The following are some precautions for laying be […]


The following are some precautions for laying beautiful PVC skirting board. For professional results, we recommend that you carefully review these precautions before you start laying:

Level requirements:
 All interior decoration work (including paint) is not completed, and PVC flooring should not be constructed unless proper coverage protection is provided to prevent PVC floor from being contaminated or damaged.
 The ground or newly paved concrete floor must be completely dry before it can be applied. It usually takes more than 30 days. If it is well ventilated, it should be more than 3 weeks. The cement floor should be powdered at the correct ratio of 1:3. I can step on it in the days to come.
 Before the construction of the dry floor of the United States, the ground should be surveyed before the water content is below 40%, and 40%-60% is the special ground. It should be confirmed after the small area is first tested and not over 60%. One or two tiles can be placed on the ground. After 6-12 hours, check the back of the floor for moisture.
 For the success of the laying, you must carefully check your current level to ensure that the entire floor must be clean and smooth.
 Place the dry bottom floor at room temperature (18 ° C - 29 ° C) for at least 48 hours.