What are the bumper protection corner strips?

Update:13 Jun 2018

1 Water Supplies Crash Bar Anti-collision strips, also […]

1 Water Supplies Crash Bar

Anti-collision strips, also known as protective strips, rubbing strips, fender strips, Robins, take-ups, etc. It is mainly used for the protection of inflatable boats, assault boats, drift boats, yachts and various water amusement equipment and facilities. Its main material should be selected according to the material of the hull. For example, the hull uses sea palon (CSM), the protective strip should use EPDM material; the hull is made of PVC cloth or glass steel, and the protective strip should be rubber (modified PVC) material.
Rubber protective strips (modified PVC) are brightly colored, low in price, and easy to bond. The aging of the protective strips with excellent quality is more than 10 years. It is currently the most ideal boat protection product.
Use caution
The rubber and plastic protective strips should be heated in a thermostat of about 50° for 3 to 5 hours prior to bonding with the boat, and then they should be evenly brushed for bonding. Bonding should be carried out in a clean room with a room temperature of 25° or more.
2 car bumper
The edge of the unloading platform is convenient for buffer cushions where trucks are parked to protect the cargo platform and truck from damage. Anti-collision rubber is one of the protective facilities that must be installed on the unloading platform.
The role of collision bar: 1, increase the body line and dynamic, play a decorative role. 2, to prevent the body side by foreign objects bruises or PVC skirting board, play a protective role. Since the ratio of the crash bar to the area of the vehicle body is small, when the side of the vehicle body is hit, its protection effect is very small.
The structure of the anti-collision bar and the car body is as follows: 1. Embedded: When the car body is formed, corresponding parts have grooves, and the anti-collision bar is embedded therein. Plane type: the car body is made into a plane, and several holes are left in the corresponding parts, and the stigma corresponding to the collision bar is inserted and stuck therein. 3, fixed: that is, with the aid of nuts and screws to fix the collision bar and the body together.