Wall panel measurement points

Update:31 May 2018

Wall PVC skirting board measurement points 1. The measu […]

Wall PVC skirting board measurement points
1. The measurement of the wainscot, preferably on the site, has been leveled with a screed and the horizontal line position and height of the ceiling are determined.
2. To draw a plan layout, elevation (especially complex units). Determine the production area, and then measure it one by one according to the actual details.
3. To consider the positional relationship with other components (such as door covers, dummy ports, background walls, cabinets, stairways, etc.) in order to accurately calculate the size and quantity.
4. To consider the connection relationship with other components, and give up the reserve amount, to facilitate on-site installation.
5. When determining the size of the siding, the factors such as the inside corner, outside corner, and the thickness of the siding, the line of the foot, the line of the waist, and the height of the top line must be considered.