VC floor (dry bottom floor) installation method

Update:03 Sep 2018

1. According to the building's standard ink line, find […]

1. According to the building's standard ink line, find the center point, then use the square to measure 90° to find the vertical bisector, then use the ink fountain to pop the reference line - connect the midpoint of the wall with chalk, and the intersection is the center.

2. Apply the floor glue as the starting point from the center point of the reference line. Apply one of the four sides of the reference line to the toothed steel scraper knife (the tooth port should be dense and shallow) and apply the water-based glue for about 20-30 minutes. Floor tiles, the application area of the application of about 60 minutes can be posted, the application should be uniform, and the water-based glue is a semi-pressure-sensitive adhesive, only need to add pressure on the floor tiles.

3. After the water-based glue is applied, wait until the water is slightly volatilized (about 20 minutes). The principle of hand-touching the non-stick hand is to start laying the floor tiles one by one from the center point. When laying, the floor tiles should be aligned and placed from top to bottom. And gently press around each floor tile to make each piece match the ground.

4. When the water-based glue is squeezed from the joint, immediately wipe the glue stuck on the floor with a damp cloth. If it is not cleaned immediately, it will be difficult to handle after drying. Please pay special attention. (If the environment allows scrubbing with gasoline or thinner)

5. At the end of the surrounding edge, the paved floor tiles shall be placed on the last piece of floor tiles that have been laid, so that the two tiles are completely matched, and another piece of floor tiles is taken as a rule. One side is close to the wall and the side is edged with a utility knife. Cut at the cut, then break along the cutting line and lay it on the floor of the wall.

6. When the construction of the surrounding edge is completed, the cutting fragments must be thoroughly cleaned, and then rolled along the roller to make the edges of the unmatched floor tiles flat and flat, then wipe with a damp cloth. When there are some stains, please use a small amount of perfume. Or carefully remove the decontamination oil and wipe it off with water.

7. After the paving is completed, remove all stains, and then use acrylic resin water wax to maintain the surface to ensure that the floor tiles are bright.

8. When cleaning daily, wipe it off with water. In order to maintain the surface of the floor tile, it should be waxed regularly. It should be maintained with acrylic resin about 2-3 times a month, which can keep the floor tiles bright and new.

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