The difference between PVC floor and solid wood floor

Update:12 Jul 2018

First, cost comparison Vinyl wood flooring: medium pric […]

First, cost comparison
Vinyl wood flooring: medium price, material for decent quality. The cost of a typical PVC sheet will be lower than that of a tile.

Solid wood flooring: high prices, depending on the type of wood used. In some cases, much less cork material such as plywood and pine can be purchased, however these materials are less durable and are generally less than ideal choices. Rare and exotic solid wood materials may cost more.

Second, durability and life cycle comparison

PVC skirting board:

There is an invisible protective coating on the surface of vinyl wood flooring. The industry is called UV layer, which increases the durability of PVC flooring. In addition, the surface of the material also has a transparent wear layer. The life of the material is coated by the protective coating. The thickness of the layers, such as the wear layer and the UV layer, is determined. The US PVC flooring manufacturer promises that the lock-up floor (above 3.5mm (inclusive)) can reach 20,000 rpm, and the average life expectancy is more than 20 years. After 20 years, the floor can be recycled and reused.

Solid wood flooring: If it is well maintained, and care about hardwood flooring can really last for generations. Depending on the type of wood, the material can be very hard and resistant to damage and can be used to enhance the natural strength of hardwood. If the floor is damaged, it can be repaired or repaired frequently, which will completely revitalize the material and make it look brand new.