PVC wall is good, what to pay attention to when installing

Update:16 Jan 2018

PVC is a vinyl polymer material, the production of mate […]

PVC is a vinyl polymer material, the production of materials is a non-crystalline material. PVC wall panels with light, heat insulation, heat, moisture, flame retardant, easy construction and so on. Specifications, colors, many patterns, highly decorative, can be applied to the interior walls and ceiling decoration, plastic materials is one of the most widely used decorative materials.
PVC wall construction technology
1, measuring the wall. First measure the length of the wall plate needs to be installed, according to this size to intercept the length of the aluminum alloy. According to the size of the wainscoting board to calculate the required number of waffle board integer, the extra space can be completed with waffle board puzzle.
2, in the interception of good aluminum nail fixed hole, according to P aluminum alloy hole spacing in the wall to make holes, with expansion screws or steel nail baseboard will be fixed to the wall hook.
3, install the top line, usually coated with special glue on both sides, and then stick it to the top corner, and then opened a few minutes, and then firmly glued to. Humid areas with two baseboards combined with the need to set aside the appropriate expansion joints, especially in furniture corner, expansion joints should be more consideration.
4, install the wall panels, the wall panels from left to right into the baseboard, the starting block should be open from the corner to the corner of the corner. Install the expansion screw or steel nail at a distance of 1.5cm from the upper wall of the siding board. Be careful that the screw can not be exposed on the wall surface. In the waist groove coated with special glue, after a few minutes into the convex surface can be in the corner must be 45 ° diagonal.
5, Mount the rubber bumper on the bayonet of the aluminum alloy, and keep the seal at both ends of the wall panel at both ends of the wall panel to intercept the length of the PVC panel. Cover the panel with the aluminum alloy and the installation is completed.
6, when installed to the last, the corner of the two edges need to be coated with a special glue, has been glued to the top corner, and then opened for a while and then firmly cling. This increases the panel's fastness and increases its useful life.