PVC sheet flooring

Update:18 Oct 2017

   PVC flooring, after refining by rolling, through hot […]

   PVC flooring, after refining by rolling, through hot pressing, and then after UV, tempering health, the production of the floor, and then through the punching packaging into the public use of PVC flooring. Because the finished product has a sheet, it is called PVC sheet flooring, also known as sheet, there is a finished package was, so called PVC coil floor, also known as the coil.
   PVC sheet flooring, because the finished product was flake, easier to replace, easier to maintain. Because of its unique advantages, more and more become the focus nowadays. Traditional flooring is through solid wood composite or solid wood as raw material, PVC floor completely put aside the dependence of mankind on the wood, to create a new type of flooring products, to achieve clean and environmentally friendly new demand for fashion.
   PVC sheet flooring, fire, water, moisture, products without formaldehyde, sound absorption, anti-dry, to achieve the real environmental protection and energy saving new fashion products.