Plastic flooring, rubber flooring, leather flooring difference

Update:05 Dec 2017

Plastic flooring Plastic floor is a very broad term, or […]

Plastic flooring
Plastic floor is a very broad term, originally "plastic floor" refers specifically to the use of polyurethane (also known as PU) material production floor, this floor is more suitable for outdoor sports venues laying, playground use. Because of the release of hazardous substances, generally not used for indoor sports venues.
Rubber floor
The main component of the rubber floor is natural rubber or synthetic rubber, rubber flooring coloring more difficult, because the rubber floor has a strong absorption, so most of the rubber floor color is relatively simple. Because the price of rubber flooring more expensive, generally used for sports venues, there are some more high-end places to use.
Floor leather
Floor leather, also called coil floor, is one of the indispensable floor decoration materials in modern bedroom decoration. Is a common soft plastic floor, only two layers of plastic, it is not only beautiful, practical good effect, both for home floor, but also can be used in the kitchen wall. Bathroom floor and wall to replace the tiles.