Plastic floor maintenance

Update:14 Nov 2017

1, To reduce the wear and tear on the floor of the sand […]

1, To reduce the wear and tear on the floor of the sand, can be laid in the entrance mat, and promptly cleaned.
2, In the handling of furniture and equipment, in the transport routes need to add buffer cushion, not directly on the floor drag.
3, Furniture and equipment placed between the foot and the floor cushion. The cushion size is slightly larger than the base size.
4, In order to prevent scratching the ground, do not wear shoes with nails to walk on the ground, if conditions permit, try to put on soft soled shoes.
5, Usually pay attention to avoid hard or sharp appliances, dropped on the floor, to avoid damage to the floor.
6, The adhesive gum on the floor dirt, available plastic bag of water frozen in ice in the refrigerator, then the ice on the chewing gum, make it cool and hardened, and then carefully scrape off.
7, Plastic floor, not directly exposed to heat, not placed on the floor above 60 ℃ high temperature items, such as electric kettles and so on. Casual cigarette butts, if not completely extinguished, will leave a scald marks on the floor.
8, Plastic floor cleaning, should adopt a mild neutral detergent, warm water wipe, can not use strong acid or alkali cleaning floor. The use of organic solvents floor, be careful.
9, Plastic floor sprinkled with ink, oil, etc., to be handled in time, washing detergent available daily water, soapy water, remove stains. Encounter more difficult to remove stains, do not use cleanliness wire (steel ball) grinding, the need to find professionals in a timely manner to remove pollution.
10, In order to reduce the wear and tear on the surface of plastic flooring, extend the life of the floor, keep the ground clean and beautiful, need to be thoroughly cleaned, waxed and maintained regularly. General 1-2 months once.