Main style of wall guard

Update:09 Jan 2018

1. Chinese style With solemn and elegant double tempera […]

1. Chinese style
With solemn and elegant double temperament, deep and long, elegant and beautiful. Space stress levels scattered, combined with the actual situation, the traditional Chinese symbols are often used in modeling: back word lattices, the swastika carved lattice, lattice and so on, and then decorated with paintings, antiques, scrolls, thick book of unique flavor, washing gas arise spontaneously, the mind, to recover the original simplicity, back to the first.
2. European style
Panel of origin, its noble and elegant European style luxury style, exudes a unique and charming temperament, give people a sense of luxury, luxury, atmosphere, often with ornate decoration, strong colors, exquisite shape to elegant decorative effect.
3. American style
American style can be used as one of the European style, but it often separates it independently, which is enough to reflect its uniqueness. Its color is more heavy, a large sense of body, often with heavy color of deep caffeine, oak color. The American style wall panel mainly highlights its simplicity, simple and smooth lines, and natural and generous. It is a simple but not monotonous carved ornament as a ornament, giving people a sense of comfort, nature, leisure and freedom.
4. French style
It often reflects a magnificent, luxurious feeling. Typical practice is light color, white, rice white to do the bottom color, and then with the golden ornament line, carved flowers. Dazzling and dazzling, highlight its magnificent, splendid feeling, let a person have a kind of fantasy into the aristocratic life circle.
5. Mediterranean style
White and blue are their main colors. They come from the simplest elements of nature, fresh and bright and sunny. In the shape of the general selection of smooth linear, arc line is also a good choice.
6. Neoclassical style
The neoclassical wall board highlights the combination of tradition and modernity. It brings us both traditional and modern fashion romance. Let us enjoy from simple to complex, from complicated to simple wonderful process, appreciate the elegant, peaceful and rich connotation.
7. Simple style
Modeling simple, perfect details, smooth atmosphere, achieve more, with simple numbers effect. Especially loved by young people.