Know PVC flooring from fire rating

Update:06 Jul 2018

PVC skirting board  is fireproof floor, many people ask […]

PVC skirting board  is fireproof floor, many people ask, there are many manufacturers, dealers said that PVC floor is fireproof floor, fire level reaches Bfl – S1 level, is absolutely flame retardant and fireproof products, and many videos on the Internet, see the fire effect Yes, but for every consumer, what is the Bfl – S1 level? What does this level mean? Is the fire floor really a PVC floor? The PVC floor is really fireproof like many businesses advertise. Floor? This article will give you the answer.
First of all, what is the fireproof floor, PVC floor is fireproof floor, we must start from the fire level, let each PVC floor purchaser know what is the fire rating, and then introduce the meaning of the fire level Bfl – S1 level, Everyone knows what is the fireproof floor. What is the fireproof effect of the PVC floor? From the professional point of view, I believe that you have a real understanding.

What are the fire protection grades of floor products? From the perspective of combustion performance, the combustion performance is divided into seven grades, including A1fl, A2fl, Bfl, Cfl, Dfl, Efl and Ffl, of which A1fl is the highest grade and Ffl grade is the lowest. grade. Please take a look at the picture below. A1fl is an absolutely flame-retardant substance. It is a completely non-combustible substance, that is, a substance that is completely non-combustible in the event of a fire. A2fl is also the same, completely 100% flame-retardant building material; There may be some smog, that is, after the completely incombustible material, it is a flammable building material, which is divided among the flammable substances. The first type Bfl means the flame retardant building material, the flame in the combustion. Very limited, the second type of Cfl, meaning flammable building materials, but the flame in the combustion is limited, the size of the flame is larger than the Bfl, the third category, Dfl, meaning flammable building materials, but combustion-supporting The flame is moderate, the size of the flame is larger than that of Cfl. The fourth type, Efl, means that it is very easy to burn building materials. When the combustion is burning, the flame is very big. The last category is that Ffl means extremely flammable building materials, then this is from Evaluation of combustion performance.

In the process of burning, in addition to the flame, there will be smoke, that is, when the flame is burned, it will be accompanied by smoke, and these smokes are also an important aspect of the fire rating. It is well known that if the smoke is in the fire The bigger the danger is, the greater the danger to people. Therefore, the level of smoke naturally becomes an important category in the flooring products. What are the smoke levels? The smoke levels are divided into three categories, which are divided into S1. S2, S3, S1 is the smallest, S3 is the largest, that is, in the combustion of the product, S1 is the minimum and the weakest to release the amount of smoke and release the smoke, S2 is centered, S3 is the largest, that is, in the combustion, the released smoke The fastest and the fastest release of smoke.

Read here, I believe you understand the meaning of Bfl – S1 level, that is: PVC floor is not a 100% absolute flame retardant product, it is a kind of flame retardant building material, this product has the least flame during combustion, and In the process of burning, the PVC floor has the least smoke release. It is difficult to catch fire when exposed to open flame or high temperature in the air. It is not easy to spread quickly, the smoke is very small, and the combustion stops immediately when the fire source is removed. Therefore, this product is ideal for home.