Is the PVC floor toxic?

Update:13 Aug 2018

Poisonous floor turmoil, now on the market, people talk […]

Poisonous floor turmoil, now on the market, people talk about the floor "poisonous", various poisonous floor incidents, affecting everyone's nerves, such as this article "American "poisonous floor" shocked the country is actually "Made in China", and this The article "90% of Chinese people misuse poisonous floor", this series of events, people talk about the floor color change, then what is the poison floor, why is there a poisonous floor, then the PVC floor is poisonous?

Poisonous floor, as the name suggests, formaldehyde in the floor, formaldehyde can cause a series of complications, so why does the floor contain formaldehyde? Because everyone often said that the poison floor, most of them are laminate flooring, the quality of the laminate flooring is good, and the cost is relatively low. The wood flour of the laminate flooring is made of natural wood and is pressed by rubber under high temperature. Natural wood. There is a certain amount of formaldehyde oil. At present, the world's formaldehyde emission standards have national standards, and there are American standard CARB. Relatively speaking, the American standard CARB standard is higher than the national standard GB.

Is the PVC skirting board toxic? Does it contain formaldehyde? People may have to ask, PVC flooring through the compacting and rolling process, using hot pressing fit, in the raw materials, PVC flooring is made by PVC powder and other raw materials, and the PVC flooring is refined in raw materials. There is no way to eliminate the presence of formaldehyde. In the production process, it is not bonded under the action of glue. Therefore, the PVC floor of Midland is 100% formaldehyde-free and is an environmentally sustainable floor product.