How long can self-adhesive pvc flooring last?

Update:03 Aug 2018

In the market, there are many PVC skirting board, espec […]

In the market, there are many PVC skirting board, especially on the Internet. If you search for PVC flooring casually, the most common ones are self-adhesive PVC flooring. As the name implies, there is a layer of paper on the back of the self-adhesive PVC floor, and a layer of oily paper attached to the self-adhesive PVC floor is torn off. It is very convenient to lay directly on the ground.

Look at the price, the major B2B platform, self-adhesive PVC floor, the most sold, the price is also the most attractive, from the cheapest 8.8 yuan / m2, to a slightly higher price of not more than 25 yuan / m2, the price is indeed tempting People, very attractive, many customers buy, shop at home, completely personal DIY, save the glue and other paving steps, to achieve convenience.

Self-adhesive PVC floor is convenient and fast, the price is low, the unit price you buy is cheap, the manufacturer always has to invest, the manufacturing cost will inevitably be lower than your market purchase price, and the low cost of manufacturing is less stressful than the material used. The natural effect is good, expensive and expensive, cheap and cheap doorway. Therefore, if you are decorating your home, the PVC floor for your own use is still based on the high-end atmosphere, such as the lock floor, 3mm dry bottom floor, The installation is cumbersome, but the paving effect will be very good, the use will be very long-lasting, and the color will be more attractive.