Do you want to pack the kickboard?

Update:05 Mar 2018

Skirting the earliest in Europe and the United States, […]

Skirting the earliest in Europe and the United States, in addition to clean consideration, at the same time is reserved wood floor expansion and contraction of the gap can also be difficult to cover the modified flat corner; used in modern residence, skirting board effect even if the same, but there are other ways of decoration can be replaced, so the modern residence in the choice of skirting board the use of choice, sometimes is not practical, more of its decorative significance.
Especially in the high ceilinged space in classical style, not only can pull the skirting board proportion, elegant space can also be echoed in the ground and the other ceiling board, strung between elevation and elevation conversion material.
High spacious space, the use of high kickboard to pull out a elegant high proportion, at the same time handle the facade and seamless stone floor seams details.
From this point we can see the bedroom and skirting board height changes in vision at the bedside, high skirting board and board, wallpaper, take the structure of the main wall shape symmetry stability.
The new configuration of the house into the dark skirting board is also looking up collocation matching principle, using black and white colors, with frames, furniture form the space of deep color block, let black lines, color in the space of ups and downs, skirting board become angle to the space sense of neat outline.
The utility of the biggest kick foot is on the home cleaning, can avoid the problem of waterborne paint dirty facade adsorption cleaning, and the ground and the facade of the schindylesis dirt, so in practical application also does not have to stop for the whole room space, with space machine, facade material to change color. In addition, black and white also can have more choices!
Dark color furniture, black glass and other elements, echoing the kicking board and doorframe, and the space constitutes the avant-garde black and white contrast tension, for the modern style of expression. A lot of space, with a wooden grid elements into vector sense, application of the facade, compartment, ceiling, in the neat balance required more than life visual temperature.