Do you want to install the skirting board?

Update:21 Sep 2018

The earliest skirting boards are used in Europe and the […]

The earliest skirting boards are used in Europe and the United States. In addition to the cleaning considerations, they also reserve the method of thermal expansion and contraction of the wooden floor. At the same time, they can cover the corners that are difficult to modify. In the contemporary residence, the role of the skirting boards is even the same. Other decoration methods can be substituted, so the modern residence chooses the use of skirting boards, sometimes it is not practical, and more decorative meaning.
Especially in the high-class classical style space, the skirting board can not only pull out the elegant proportion of the space, but also echo the molding line of the ceiling at the landing, and string the material conversion between the facade and the facade.
With a high and spacious space, the use of high PVC skirting board draws an elegant height ratio while dealing with the seam details of the façade and the seamless stone floor.
From this angle of the bedroom, we can see the change of the skirting board and the height. At the head of the vista, the high skirting board and the line board and wallpaper form a symmetrical and stable main wall shape.
The traditional black-and-white skirting board is also a good-looking method. It uses the color matching principle of black and white coloring to form a dark tone block in the space of the door frame and furniture, so that the black lines and color blocks can rise and fall in the space, and the skirting board Become the cornerstone of the sense of spatial resilience.
The biggest practicality of the skirting board is that it can avoid the problem of the dirt on the water-based paint façade during the cleaning, and the dirt on the ground and the façade. Therefore, it is not necessary to use it in practice. For the whole room space, it can be changed with the space function and the façade material. In color, there are more choices besides black and white!
Dark furniture, black glass and other elements echo the skirting board and the door frame, and the space constitutes avant-garde black and white contrast tension, which is a modern style expression. In the space, a large number of wood grille elements with a sense of vector are applied to the façade, compartment, and ceiling, balancing the visual temperature required for life in the balance.

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