Australian clients visit our factory

Update:04 Aug 2016

1. For customers to talk about the quotations, to talk […]

1. For customers to talk about the quotations, to talk about the sample, to talk about things before the customer before the need to prepare to be prepared in advance.

2. If you are responsible for picking up, be sure to wait half an hour to the airport waiting, do not count the time almost not late, even if not not late, but if the customer's flight will be early? Afraid of ten thousand afraid of.

3. Send customers back to the hotel, the road allows customers to take a break, if the customer feel there is energy, you can find the appropriate topic chat. Express our warm welcome.

4. To the hotel, to help arrange the customer's accommodation, and in the hotel to register their own phone, so that customers and the hotel can not communicate things, if you really need help, you can call your phone. I remember once, at night more than two, the hotel called me, because the hotel on duty people do not understand the customer in the end what problems need to be resolved.

5. If you are about to the hotel to pick up the customer, you can advance half an hour to, but to wait until the time agreed with the customer, there are about ten minutes, then call the customer. Tell you that you have arrived on time, and you will not disturb his arrangement.

6. If you catch the meal, you need to arrange to eat with the customer, in advance to ask the customer like to eat what kind of food, what kind of food do not like to eat, what kind of food can not eat, so easy to find the best restaurant. Although it is a small detail, customers will feel very warm heart.

7. at the dinner table, the owner do not eat their own fast, do not happen to customers just eat half, the owner is full, but also tell the customer that he was full, this is how embarrassing things, because many Customers will be embarrassed to continue to eat. Usually in the time of eating, while taking care of the guests, accompanied by customers slowly eat, if the customer does not put down the chopsticks that eat well, the owner is best not to put down chopsticks in advance.

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