Crash protection angle bar installation instructions

Update:08 Jun 2018

Crash protection angle bar installation instructions 1. […]

Crash protection angle bar installation instructions
1. First, we must clean the wall surface dirt that we want to paste, and ensure that the wall surface is dry. If it is tiled, it needs to be polished to produce a rough surface.
2, then will be glued to the corner of the wall glue. Generally coated once again can be glue, in order to prevent the glue layer leaving pores, glue should move in one direction, and the glue speed, in order to facilitate the discharge of air, improve the viscosity Quality.
3. The thinner the general adhesive layer, the fewer the defects, the smaller the shrinkage, and the higher the adhesive strength. The adhesive layer should be thin and not thick. Thick and easy to cause dry, sticky, foaming and other conditions. Therefore, under the premise of maintaining the absence of glue, the adhesive layer should be as thin as possible. Generally, the thickness of the adhesive layer should be controlled within 0.08-0.15mm, that is, the total amount of glue is 200-300g/m2.
4. After wall gluing, it must be left open for a while. The open time is 20-25 minutes in winter and 5-15 minutes in summer. When the adhesive layer is in a dry film state (that is, the surface is not sticky), it is immediately glued. The time should not be too long, so as not to lose the adhesive layer and affect the bonding strength. The construction temperature in winter should not be lower than 15°C.
5, universal adhesive force, so be sure to stick to the wall when the corner stick to the right time. One-time alignment position, not to move back and forth, after bonding, and then use the rubber hammer in the surface of the protective strip appropriate press, drive away the air, dense adhesive layer, improve the viscosity quality.
6. Although the adhesive strength is established fast, it takes 3-5 days to reach maximum strength. Therefore, after the construction of the corner, put a few days and then use the effect will be better.

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