Cabinet footboard installation methods and precautions

Update:27 Apr 2018

For the cabinet skirting installation, many people are […]

For the cabinet skirting installation, many people are not very understanding, in fact, for the professional installation master, the installation of the cabinet baseboard is relatively easy. As for the installation of cabinets and skirtings, it is necessary to pay attention to the method. What is the installation method of cabinets and skirting boards? What should we pay attention to when installing cabinets and skirting boards? Let's find out.
Cabinet baseboard installation - skirting board installation method
1. Observe whether the corner floor and the wall surface are flat. If the cabinet is not flat, it will be flattened and then cleaned. Otherwise, the cabinets will be bent and uneven and will not be tightly attached to the wall. It will leave behind an unsightly gap.
2. The maximum gap between the cabinet baseboard and the floor should be less than 3mm. Use a coin of 1 yuan to plug it. If it is 2 or more after inserting it, the gap may be too large.
3. Before laying the cabinets and baseboards, the walls with white cement should be scooped first, and then the foot line should be laid. After the pavement, the foot line should be protected so that a lot of paint sticks to the surface of the footline when painting or painting. Can't clean up.
4. Although the cabinet's skirting board snaps into the seam, measures need to be taken to make it more secure. The tools needed to fix the baseboard are floor nails and hammers. Keep the baseboard well, then nail the floor nails into the baseboard so that the skirting board is fixedly connected to the wall.