Cabinet baseboard installation note points

Update:20 Apr 2018

To ensure the long-term practicality of cabinet baseboa […]

To ensure the long-term practicality of cabinet baseboards, it is necessary to do some preparatory work before installation. Today, the United States to share with you about the cabinet baseboard installation need to pay attention to several points.
First, check whether the fastening between the baseboard of the cabinet and the adjusting feet of the cabinet is firm before installation. The masters who installed the cabinets knew that the cabinet adjustment feet on the side of the skirting board had buckles. This buckle played a role as a firm cabinet baseboard. So first check before installing to see if they are firmly connected. The
Second, the cabinet baseboard and cabinet cabinet can not be "zero contact" directly. The zero contact mentioned here means that the baseboard of the cabinet cannot be mutually dependent with the cabinet cabinet, because the baseboard cannot carry the weight of the cabinet.

To avoid damage, we must fine tune the height of the cabinet adjustment feet a little. There should be a gap between the baseboard and the cabinet, but be careful that the gap is not too large. Too big will affect the overall appearance of the cabinet.
Third, the cabinet baseboard with protective film should be torn off after installation. The emphasis here is on aluminum-plastic baseboards. Generally, PVC and wood are rarely attached to the protective film. Aluminum-plastic is mainly used for surface wire drawing.

In order to avoid damage to the drawing effect, the aluminum-plastic baseboard is basically There is a layer of protective film, and hereby we especially need to emphasize that every customer who uses aluminum-plastic baseboard must tear off the protective film after installation, because the long time of the protective film will affect the brushed aluminum. Plastic baseboard effect.