Advantages of PVC wall panel

Update:23 Jan 2018

1. Fire prevention PVC from the fire from the interest, […]

1. Fire prevention
PVC from the fire from the interest, is a refractory material, through the authority to detect the fire grade to B1 grade, basically meet the fire requirements of the project.
2. Reduce noise and promote sleep
After testing by the national authority, the sound insulation of the PVC wall panel is 29 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound insulation of more than half of the wall. Wallboards can produce perfect diffuse reflection on sound, which can effectively buffer the impact of heavy bass, plus the good absorption of material itself to the bad acoustic sharp waves, so as to form a perfect 3 level noise reduction function in space, and can significantly improve the sleep quality of 1/3 time in life.
3. Warm in winter and cool in summer
PVC wall panel will make the room warm in summer and cool in summer, and can adjust the humidity of the room. After testing, the insulation effectiveness of the retaining wall is much higher than that of the national standard. The room with the wall panels and the rooms not installed is 7 degrees indoor temperature difference, compared with the paint, the difference is 10 degrees, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.
4. Abrasion resistance
The PVC wall panel has high compressive strength and flexural strength, which is an upgrading product of latex paint. Wear-resistant, anti damage far more than the common paint and wallpaper, if the family is more suitable for children. The TV background, the sofa background, the restaurant background and the bedside background are all good to protect the wall.
5. Healthy and environmental protection
After installation, no odor, "0" formaldehyde release, to ensure the health of the family living environment. The whole house of the house can reduce the painting process on the spot. It can solve the problem of long decoration time and difficult to volatilize the taste of the paint.
6. Waterproof, moistureproof
Good moisture-proof performance, moist area can also completely resist, moisture and moisture is difficult to enter the indoor, ensure the room is dry and comfortable, no leakage, no water leakage, let you get rid of the wall moldy problem.
7. Beautify the space
Wainscoting, give the classical essence of elegant style, elegant temperament, can not only enhance the residential quality, but also to enjoy the beauty of.
8. Installation convenience
In the design process, the traditional way of buckle plate installation can be directly assembled, the blank Housing is directly assembled, and the installation is no longer tedious, so that you are not worried about the long repair cycle.
9. Easy scrubbing and non deformation
The surface is processed by foreign advanced technology. It is beautiful and easy to clean. It can be directly scrubbed with cloth, no blister, no deformation and no aging. It is easy to get rid of the tedious life.
10. Anticorrosion and durable
High strength, good toughness, light quality, anti - seismic, non - deformation, non - aging, creep proof, not easy to corrosion, long service life, one decoration, life-long benefit.